Q&A Fun with the Liebster Award

We are nominated for a Liebster!

Being inspired by fellow travel bloggers is an absolute joy for us.So, when we were nominated for a Liebster Award by the awesome Burger Abroad, we thought we might join in the fun too!

The Liebster Award is a peer-nominated blogging award that helps showcase blogs together with a pay-it-forward system. You answer the questions and pass along the fun, creating new questions and finding new bloggers to nominate (that might just be you!). Wording Well has gathered some of the many versions of the rules. We had a lot of fun answering these questions, and creating some of our own. Get creative, pass on the Liebster and see how far it can go!

And now, get ready to learn a whole lot more

about us!


1. What is your favorite travel-related movie?

At the top of our heads, the ones to be included in this list has to be 7 years in Tibet, Into the Wild, Before Sunset, and Castaway..everyone misses Wilson.

2. What is your favorite travel-related book?

There is definitely no shortage of good travel literature to read out there, but the one that gripped us the most was Into Thin Air (John Krakauer), and an all time favorite, On the Road (Jack Kerouac).

3. Where could you see yourself living longterm?

Terribly difficult question to answer. Possibly Japan, possibly a secluded island in the Caribbean. Coming from busy cities, it is difficult to find the perfect balance of nature and civilization, and although each country has it’s unique feel and quality of living, no country in the world has the perfect balance and equation of what makes a society (clean, safe, efficient, good governance, health, education, transportation etc). Sometimes the best place is still home, or at least close to it.

4. What gadgets do you travel with?

As much as we try to reduce the amount of technology we use, we now travel with a DSLR camera with 2 lenses, a laptop, and our phones.

5. What are you favorite travel apps?

There are an abundance of travel apps out there but we can hardly find time to play with them when we’re constantly on the go. The ones we love the most would be Skyscanner for flight and Whatapp to stay in touch with our loved ones. We’ve recently joined Bloglovin and having
fun on it too.

6. What could you never travel without?

Our all-in-one iphones. It has all the basics of what we need (alarm-clock, world-clock, converters, maps, music, books, guides, INTERNET).

7. What could you definitely travel without?

Definitely a whole bunch of unforeseen booking fees. Maybe our laptop and DSLR camera that we love and hate so much.

8. What’s the best thing that has happened to you during your travels?

Getting to know that the world and humanity isn’t all it is as portrayed on the news and other mainstream media. That said, the best part also comes from long and short conversations from people we’ve met on the road.

9. What’s the worst thing that has happened to you during your travels?

A serious case of gastro on our first day of our trek to Everest Base Camp. Nothing can stop a hungry man, unless he has a bout of bad gastro.

10. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

We are tempted to say teleportation or super-speed, but that would take all the fun out of simply traversing across long and huge distances. So i guess we’ll pick a more practical superpower such as not having to eat or sleep. that would save us heaps!


Passing on the fun to our nominees!


1. Limitless Duo 

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4. Follow Summer

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7. The Tofu Diaries

8. Yes Nomads

9. Valerie & Valise

10. MAD Travel Diaries


New questions to answer:


1. What is your favorite travel website?


2. If you could go to any place in the world, where would it be?


3. What is the worst place you have visited?


4. What is your dream adventure?


5. Who inspires you?


6. What is the best dish you have tried travelling?


7. What comforts of home do you miss while travelling?


8. What are the challenges of blogging for you?


9. What is your favorite travel quote?


10. How has travelling changed you?

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