Getting your Russian Tourist Visa in Nepal

Getting your Russian Tourist Visa in Nepal

After the stress and disappointment of not getting my Russian tourist Visa in Hong Kong due to time constraints, I tried again in Nepal before we went on our Everest Base Camp Trek, ultimately with success! This is what you need for your Russia visa application in Nepal.

Documents required

1.  One passport photo

2.  Passport with 6 months validity remaining: A black and white photocopy of your passport first page

3.  Filled out and signed application that can printed out manually (does not have to be done online)

4.  Your Letter of Invitation (LOI – see steps on how to get one in my previous Hong Kong post)


prInting and what’S NOT mentioned on Russian Embassy weBSite.

At this Russian embassy in Nepal, I submitted a copy of my travel insurance just for the hell of it, but they didn’t require it. Most importantly they did not ask for a return air tickets with confirmation of arrival and departure dates, otherwise stated on the Russian embassy website.

You can also print and photocopy any documents near the embassy- just 2 minutes from the visa application entry are two shops to the left of the embassy. Each page costs about 10 Nepalese Rupee and a colour print is 70 Nepalese Rupee. For your LOI, choose a thicker paper (which is free at the photocopy shops) to make sure your LOI look original.


Photo copy shop near Russian Embassy

Fingers-crossed a power cut doesn’t happen in the middle of your printing like it did for us!

Russian Embassy in Kathmandu:

The Russian Embassy address is:
Bishal Nagar
Kathmandu 44600

By taxi it is around 15 minutes from Thamel main center (~200-300 rupee).

Application times
Russian Embassy opening times

Don’t be late…

It’s important to note that the Russian visa application times are only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10am to 11am. Arrive too late or be the 6th person in line at 11:10 am means you risk the chance of being sent away to come back another time. The embassy will be busy, it would be best to get there at 10am to make sure your application gets through.


Cost and HOW TO PAY
Russian Embassy Kathmandu

Looks like a Russian spy interrogation room, but surprisingly they were very friendly.

For a single entry visa, fees costs 5,665 Nepalese Rupee. The website is out of date and states 4,600 Nepalese Rupee. Express service is allowed for about double the fee.  Payment is not accepted at the application line, so you have to go to the closest Nabil Bank which is inconveniently located directly opposite the American embassy, the arch enemy. It is a 20 minute walk, or 100 Nepalese Rupee by taxi to the bank. Once you have made your payment, you have to drop the payment confirmation slip back to the embassy. This slip can be left with the front guard at the main gate (don’t worry it’s safe). You will also retain a carbon copy of the receipt for pick up of your visa.



Expected processing TIME AND pick up

Holding an Australian passport, it would take 7 business days to complete my application on a normal service. Drop off on the Monday and pick up on the following Wednesday.  I’m not sure on other countries’ processing times, but I found calling the Russian embassy quite helpful, and they actually reply to emails (unlike the Russian embassy in Hong Kong and Singapore).

Anyway, that was my ‘quick’ journey into getting a Russian tourist visa. Good luck if you’re applying for one and do share any other tips if you have any.

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  1. Kate

    Hey, thanks for the info. I’m looking to do the same next month with Aussie passport. Hopefully I have a similarly easy time. I’m assuming you were in Nepal on a tourist visa? (as opposed to a residency/working or similar visa?)

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